Relationship Nurturing Made EasyAn Office 365 App To Scale Lead & Customer Nurture Activities From Inbox

Intelligent Follow-ups

Drip Emails

Reply Reminders

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Request Meetings

Regular Check-ins
& Meetings

Ask Referrals


Seek Feedback

Manage Customer

Wish Birthdays and More

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Accelerate Sales With Efficient Lead & Customer Nurturing

Integral to your workflow

Use the add-on with out leaving your Office 365 or Exchange online email client. Easy to access advanced features on the beautiful web app from the add-on.

Proactive and organized nurture activities

Engage your leads and customers with drip email activities. Get reminders and alerts to follow through on emails sent.

Automated follow-up & reminders

Never miss responding to important emails. Always follow through on sent emails. Stay connected with regular check-ins and meeting requests. Improve customer satisfaction with regular feedback requests. Accelerate sales with periodic referral requests.

Email tracking & Open alerts

Track your emails. Get real time email open alerts to nudge your contacts.

Optimize nurturing with insights

Know which lead/customer is most/least engaged with you. Get rececommendations to optimize nurture activities

Save time with reusable email templates

Create unlimited email templates. Save time and make sure your emails look good with reusable email templates.

Easy one time setup. Let Delighterr do the rest!

PlanCreate nurture plans for leads and customer groups

A group of business relationships require similar nurturing activities. Create a new nurture plan for each group and add contacts easily.

DesignDesign nurture activities that fit your sales needs

Next step is to specify nurture activities in a plan. You can customize drip activities, define follow-up/reminder/alerts settings. New actions get generated every few minutes.

ExecuteExecute actions in just one click

Your daily nurture actions are delivered to your inbox. You can execute an action in just one click from Office 365 add-on or web app.

OptimizeOptimize activities with powerful insights

From dashboards review the engagement level with each contact. Act on the recommended actions to improve engagement and sales outcomes.

Pricing plans


Great for engaging your most valuable relationships.

  • Predefined plans
  • Predefined email templates
  • Email open tracking
  • Up to 100 contacts
$ 10*/user/month

*15 day FREE trial

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Great for engaging all your customers & leads.

  • Unlimited plans (includes Drip plans)
  • Automated Actions
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Email open tracking
  • Up to 1000 contacts
  • Email support
  • Analytics & Dashboards
$ 40 /user/month

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Great for sales teams that strive for great and consistent engagement.

  • Unlimited plans (includes Drip plans)
  • Automated Actions
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Email open tracking
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Advanced Analytics

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